Public Works

John Brunkhorst, Public Works Director

John Brunkhorst
McLeod County Engineer and Public Works Director
Phone 320-484-4321
Fax 320-234-6971

McLeod County Public Works
Hutchinson Area Transportation Services (HATS)
1400 Adams Street Southeast
Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350

"Fostering a safe, sustainable, cost-effective transportation network for McLeod County residents and visitors."

Highway Engineering and Road ConstructionThe mission of the McLeod County Highway Department is to:
    • Provide road and bridge maintenance services that are timely, efficient, and effective.
    • Manage high quality construction projects that are professionally designed and administered.
    • Maintain a geographic information system (GIS) that has accurate, current, and complete geospatial data.
FairgroundsThe McLeod County Fairgrounds facilities includes buildings and rooms available to rent for meetings, family gatherings, wedding receptions and trade shows. If you are interested in playing tennis, we offer 4 indoor heated gym courts, available 7 days a week.
Parks and Recreation
McLeod County has six County Parks totaling 571 acres. Two parks are regional facilities which allow overnight camping. The other four parks are day parks.  Park location: Buffalo Creek Park (Glencoe), Swan Lake Park (Silver Lake), William May Park (Winsted), Stahl's Lake Park (Hutchinson), Lake Marion Regional Park (Brownton), and Piepenburg Regional Park (Hutchinson).  Camping facilities are available at Lake Marion and Piepenburg Park.
Graphic Information Systems (GIS) - Mapping and Surveying
"Maintaining a Geographic Information System that has accurate, current, and complete geospatial data." 

McLeod County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a division of the Highway Department.  It is the incorporation of spatial features with attribute information.  The purpose of GIS is to provide information to the county employees as well as the general public in a digital mapping environment.

"Road" Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash  
"Maple Leaves" Photo by Weston MacKinnon on Unsplash 

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