HomeHelpMN Application Period Extended Until August 17

The application period for HomeHelpMN has been extended until August 17 to allow more time for Minnesota homeowners to apply for assistance. 
HomeHelpMN provides $109 million in federal assistance for homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage or other homeownership-related expenses due to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program opened for applications on May 17 and has already received applications from over 2,800 households, with requests for funds representing about a third of the available funding.

Estimates based on foreclosure and delinquency data, however, show that there are potentially tens of thousands of Minnesota households who may be eligible for the assistance. To allow more time for homeowners to request assistance, the program is extending the application period until August 17 at 5:00 p.m.

What to know: 

  1. Check the Income Limits chart to find out if your household income is below the limits for your county. For example, income limits for a household of four range from $90,000 - $117,300, depending on the county you live in.
  2. You can apply even if you are in discussions with your mortgage lender or are in forbearance.
  3. If your past-due balance is greater than $35,000, you may be able to apply to other relief programs to combine with the funds from HomeHelpMN to bring your mortgage current. 
  4. Although the application period has been extended, there is still the potential for applications to be placed on a waitlist if the requests for funds exceed the amount of funding available. If you plan to apply, you should do so as soon as you are able.
  5. You may be eligible for other resources. Additional resources are listed at the Minnesota Housing website
For more information:  Visit the HomeHelpMN web page for additional program information and eNews archives.

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