County Budget


Budget Adoption Process
The McLeod County Board of Commissioners formally adopts a county budget annually after the required public hearings, and provides the authorization for departmental expenditures. The adoption of the budget is done by the full Board of Commissioners before December 28th of each year. The budgets are approved at a fund level with the main funds being: General Revenue, Road and Bridge, Solid Waste, Social Services, and Debt Service.

Budget Adjustments
As circumstances and priorities change during a calendar year, changes to the budget may become necessary. Once the budget has been adopted by the County Board, any changes and adjustments are made to the annual revised budget, leaving the adopted budget in its original approved form. These changes will be in the form of budget adjustments. Operating line item budget adjustments that do not affect the net departmental budget should be submitted to the County Auditor’s office in writing by the department head. The written request will be saved in the County Auditor’s office budget file and the revisions will be made. Salary line item budget adjustments will be made by the County Auditor’s office, determined by union contracts and County Board resolution, to all budgets. Budget adjustments that do affect the net departmental budget should be submitted in writing to the County Auditor’s office. The auditor’s office will bring the requests to the County Board for approval. A copy of the approved request will be saved in the County Auditor’s office budget file and the revisions will only be made twice a year, in July and December. After any changes have been made to a budget, a revised copy of the budget will be sent to the department head.

Budgeted Funds
McLeod County prepares a budget for the General Revenue Fund and Special Revenue Funds. The County does not prepare a budget for Fiduciary Funds.

Unspent budget dollars will not be carried forward into the new budget year unless specifically reserved by the County Board.

Budget Accounting Basis
The Budget for the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, and other governmental funds is prepared and reported on the modified accrual basis in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Budget Level for Legal Control
Budget control is designated at the Department level. The use of budget dollars across line items within a Department are at the discretion of the Department management, as long as federal, state, or other funding source use and reporting requirements are met. Exception: The McLeod County Board has established a policy that any capital expenditures that exceed $1,000 in total cost be approved by the County Board before purchase.

Budget Committee
The County Board establishes a Budget Committee at the first board meeting of each year. The Budget Committee shall meet as necessary throughout budget development and implementation.

McLeod County Financial Policies Adopted: 6/8/2004

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