Sentence To Serve Program

Program Information
The McLeod County Sentence To Serve (STS) Program serves as a sentencing alternative providing the courts with the option to sentence carefully selected nonviolent offenders to a period of supervised work in the community.  By participating in Sentence to Serve, offenders are able to reduce their jail sentences and/or work off financial obligations including fines, fees, and local restitution programs. 

McLeod County Sentence To Serve Program
McLeod County Law Enforcement Center
801 - 10th Street East
Glencoe, Minnesota 55336

Phone 320-864-1248

CriteriaOffenders eligible for the STS program are deemed to pose a minimal risk to all public safety.  Referrals are made through court administration, jail programs, and the probation office, all of which may have additional eligibility requirements.

STS projects consist of work that benefits the community as a whole and provides offenders with an opportunity to participate in suitable restorative justice practices.  STS projects have included park and trail maintenance, highway litter pick-up, labor for school districts, and snow removal.  In addition to the benefits to the community, the program provides the opportunity for offenders to develop a work ethic and job skills.

Requirements and Expectations
STS participants are scheduled to report to designated pickup sites, dressed appropriately for the weather conditions, ready and able to work.  Schedules are maintained by the crew leader with expectations of being informed in case of sick time, family emergencies, and employment conflicts.  If ordered by the court to perform community service, there are rules that you will be expected to follow when assigned to a Sentence to Serve work crew.  Violating any rule(s) may result in loss of credit for the work day or possible termination from the program.

  • Arrive on time on your scheduled day to report.
  • Bring a photo ID, bag lunch, and bottle of water.
  • You will be working outside, so dress for the weather.
  • Wear long pants, a shirt with sleeves, and closed-toe-shoes.
  • Do not bring valuables.
  • Your crew leader will guide you throughout the day in various job tasks.
  • You are expected to fully participate as a worker in the program and satisfactorily complete the tasks that are assigned to you by the crew leader.
  • If you are hurt or injured you must report the information to your crew leader immediately.
  • Seat belt use in the STS van is mandatory.
  • You are expected to respect all crew members and Sentence to Serve staff throughout the work day.
  • You will need to bring a lunch each day.  Crew leaders do not stop at convenience stores or fast food restaurants for breaks/meals.
  • Cell phone and text messaging will only be allowed during breaks and with the crew leader's permission.
  • Profanity and/or language that may be deemed offensive will not be tolerated.
  • Leaving the job site is strictly forbidden.
  • Behavior that may be deemed intimidating, harassing or unwelcome will not be tolerated.
  • Use of or possession of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • Possession of weapons or firearms is strictly forbidden.

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