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The Sheriff's Posse is a non-profit volunteer organization within the McLeod County Sheriff's Office consisting of a maximum of forty members.

The Sheriff's Posse intends to promote good fellowship and community service through volunteer and paid functions.  Duties include maintaining peace, law and order with McLeod County and responding for service to assist the McLeod County Sheriff's Office.  In order to perform these duties, Posse members are required to attend monthly training on policing techniques and policies thereupon becoming official Posse members of McLeod County.  All active members must be eighteen years of age or older and pass a background check.  Members are expected to wear, while on duty, a regulation posse uniform and are subject to call.  Members may be required to work a minimum number of shifts annually at the McLeod County Fair.  They may be asked to transfer, guard or assist the jail with prisoners in court.  The Posse may be asked to assist in search and rescue.  Members may also be required to work private and public dances throughout McLeod County for which they are paid a per diem for that service.

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