Visitation Information

Visiting Inmates

Onsite Visitation Hours:
Monday Unavailable
Tuesday Noon-3PM
Wednesday 6PM-9PM
Thursday Noon-3PM
Friday Unavailable
Saturday Unavailable
Sunday Noon-3PM
*You are required to schedule any visits by calling the McLeod County Jail at 320-864-5191.


Video Visitation Hours:
Monday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM
Tuesday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM
Wednesday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM
Thursday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM
Friday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM
Saturday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM
Sunday 7AM-3PM 5PM-10PM

*Video Visitation will only be available through our canteen vendor at

There will be NO visiting outside these time frames.

Onsite video visitation entrance is located on the East side lower entrance to the Law Enforcement Center (to the left of the Main Entrance and down the access ramp). 

The McLeod County Jail is equipped for video visitation only.  For ease of family and friends we offer two options for video visits.

     1)  Online video visitation through the commissary vendor at or

     2)  Onsite video visitation in the lower level of the new jail entry. 

Visitation Rules
All visitors are required to register online in advance with, giving names, addresses, relationship to inmate and nature of business.  ALL VISITORS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE INMATE’S CHILDREN, MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.  Visitors may be required to show photo identification prior to admittance.

NO CHILDREN are allowed to be left UNSUPERVISED in the lobby area.  The visitor will be asked to leave immediately if this happens.

Children must be accompanied and supervised by his/her parent or guardian during the entire visit.

Visits are limited to twenty (20) minutes per visitor.

Any person who comes to visit with alcohol on his/her breath or seemingly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to visit.

Visitors must be properly clothed while visiting.  Visitors wearing low cut or revealing clothing will be asked to leave.

Purses and excess clothing shall be kept in the visitors waiting area.

A visit with an inmate will be denied when the staff has reasonable grounds to believe the visit may endanger the security of the jail.

Visiting is a privilege.  Inmates in disciplinary lock-down will not be allowed visitors. 

Exceptions to rules must have prior approval by the Jail Administrator or Sheriff.

No Food or Tobacco products will be allowed in the visiting area.  Exception: Bottles for infants or toddlers.

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