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A variety of programs are offered to inmates at the McLeod County Jail.  Participation in all programs is voluntary except for mandatory work assignments, court ordered programs, or programs required by law. Volunteer programs for opportunities to support inmates are included in this page below. 

Sentence To Serve (STS) Program

Inmates participate in various work details outside in the community.  This requires release status to go on the Sentence to Service Program by the sentencing judge.  This is a Sheriff’s Office program.

If you are eligible for the STS program, the McLeod County Court policy is set up to reduce your sentence one day for each day worked on STS.  Inmates will be charged a booking fee and urinalysis testing fee.  If the inmate cannot pay the charges, he/she can still perform the STS.  Inmates sentenced as felons are allowed on the STS program.  Inmates with criminal sexual conduct convictions in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree cannot do STS.  Inmates classified as maximum are not eligible for the Work Release or STS programs.  You must follow all jail rules as published in the McLeod County Jail Prisoner's Handbook.  Work Release and STS are privileges and not a right.  Violations of any jail rules, Work Release rules or Sentence to Service rules will result in disciplinary sanctions being imposed.

Work Release

Participation in the Work Release Program requires release status ordered by the sentencing judge.  You must also meet the criteria established for the Work and Education Release Program.  These are sentenced inmates who go to work or school and then spend their nights in jail.  An orientation date will be assigned.  There is a daily fee to be on this program.

No inmate will be considered for Huber/Work Release privileges without the consent of the McLeod County Court.

All work release eligible persons must meet with the Program Coordinator within two weeks of the beginning of their jail sentence to set up a date and time to report.  At that time, you will be given a Work Release Information packet that must be completely filled out before you will be allowed to go out to work.  The forms should be returned seven days prior to entering the McLeod County Jail.  Exceptions:

     A. Client in custody and sentenced with Huber/Work Release privileges.
     B. Client sentenced to start jail within seven days.

McLeod County Jail Huber/Work Release inmates will be allowed to work 55 hours per work week while participating in the Huber/Work Release Program.  The 55 hours excludes travel time to and from the place of employment.

Transportation must be verified.  The license plate, driver's license number, a copy of the insurance policy card, and the car make and model must be provided to the Program Coordinator.

The Program Coordinator must verify employment with your employer through your immediate boss or human resource department.  Verification of hours worked per week overtime, days you must report for work, specific time the employer expects you to be at the work site, and the time you finish work each day is required.  Inmates with Huber/Work Release privileges will be charged a daily custody expense currently at $25.00 per day as determined by the McLeod County Board of Commissioners.  Huber charges must be paid one week in advance every Friday to your inmate account or privileges can be revoked.  Huber/Work Release and Sentence to Service inmates are required to provide and pay for urinalysis (UA) testing upon reporting to jail for their sentence, within twelve hours of reporting.  Parking for work release inmates who will be driving themselves will be the west side of the large parking lot.  If you will not be driving, you can be picked up for work on the east side of the building.  No tobacco products, tools, weapons, or cell phones should be brought into the jail at any time.  You should bring no more than three sets of weather appropriate clothes.  McLeod County Jail offers laundry services for Huber/Work Release inmates.

Click here for Work Release Application Rules and Form.

Home Detention / Electronic Home Monitoring (HD/EHM)

Participation in the HD/EHM Program requires release status ordered by the sentencing judge.  You must also meet the criteria established by the HD/EHM Program.  You must have or be able to have installed a hard line phone in your residence.  An orientation date will be assigned.  There is a daily fee to be on this program.

Social Services

Programs staff is available to meet with inmates to discuss day to day personal problems.  Mental health issues may be referred to the jail medical unit.

Chemical Abuse Counseling

Chemical abuse group meetings for inmates, such as A.A. and N.A. groups, are held in the jail and are scheduled according to available volunteers.

Library Services

Leisure reading materials will be available to inmates.

Religious Guidance

Nondenominational and various other religious services and programs shall be offered to inmates depending on the extent of volunteer participation.  Jail Chaplains may visit with inmates when requested at scheduled visiting times without being on the visiting list.  Personal clergy may visit with inmates at scheduled visiting times, but they must be approved through appointment with the programs coordinator.

Referrals to Community Agencies

Programs Staff can assist inmates in determining which community agencies offer services that inmates may wish to utilize upon release from jail.

Volunteer Opportunities

The jail provides many opportunities for citizens to volunteer, all of which require some inmate contact.  The jail provides numerous opportunities for:

  • Religious volunteers
  • Bible study
  • One on one inmate counseling
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.)/Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.)
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Computer training
  • Job skills
  • Jail Visitation / Lobby

We are also open to other opportunities for inmate support; please contact the Jail Administrator with inquiries. 

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, pass a criminal history check with fingerprints, and go through orientation with our program coordinator.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Program Coordinator Kim at 320-864-1347.

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