Inmate Property and Clothing

New and used books may be dropped off at the service window in the jail lobby.  Once they are searched by programs staff they may be given to the inmate.  When the inmate is released, the book becomes the property of the McLeod County Jail.  No newspapers or magazines are allowed in the jail.  Inmates will be given a free Bible or Koran if they request one through programs staff.

Property Release
Inmates may release items from their property lockers, if requested by the inmate in writing.  Inmates must have one full set of clothing at the jail at all times with the exception of prison commits.  EBT cards will only be released to the party it is registered to on the card itself.

Inmates must request items be picked up in writing.  The person picking up the items must provide a valid government agency picture ID with date of birth.

Property Drop Off
All items dropped off will be searched.

One set of clothing, suitable for court may be brought for an inmate’s Jury trial appearance.  Prior to bringing clothes to the McLeod County Jail for an inmate please call 320-864-5191, and ask to speak to the On-Duty Sergeant.  All clothing items must be pre-approved prior to drop off.

Inmates who are on Sentence to Service (STS) may have clothing items brought in.  STS inmates may have three (3) changes of clothing dropped off.  The clothes should be marked on an inner seam with permanent marker to indicate who the owner is.  Weather appropriate attire may also be dropped off as the STS crews do work in all types of conditions.

Medical devices and medications may be dropped off at any time.  Certain medical items such as contact lenses and solutions may be dropped off as long as they are new and not tampered with.

These items may be dropped off at the service window in the jail lobby.

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