Permit to Purchase

Where to Apply
The McLeod County Sheriff's Office will process applications for permits to purchase a pistol or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon from residents of McLeod County who live in one of the following cities or townships:

Acoma Township Penn Township
Bergen Township Rich Valley Township
Collins Township Round Grove Township
Glencoe Township Sumter Township
Hale Township Winsted Township
Hassan Valley Township City of Biscay
Helen Township City of Plato
Hutchinson Township City of Stewart
Lynn Township City of Silver Lake

Applicants who live in a city that is served by a full-time police department must contact their police department to apply for a permit to purchase a handgun.

Permit to Purchase Fees
 There is no charge to obtain a Permit to Purchase.

How to Apply for a Permit to Purchase
1.     Complete Minnesota Permit to Purchase Application. (Applications are also available at the Sheriff’s Office.)
       Please ensure the date written on the application is the date the application is submitted.
2.    Provide your valid driver’s license or state identification card with your current address or a valid
       temporary paper license from Driver and Vehicle Services. If mailing, provide a color photocopy of your
3.    Drop off or mail completed Application with Identification to:
                        McLeod County Sheriff’s Office
                        801 10th Street East
                        Glencoe, MN 55336
4.   Incomplete Applications will be DENIED.

Updating Address or Personal Information
For an address or personal information change, the permit holder must go to the original issuing agency
if they live within the same jurisdiction as before. If the permit holder has moved into a different jurisdiction,
they must apply with the agency of their new jurisdiction. 

Provide valid driver’s license/ID with new address or personal information or a valid temporary paper license
from Driver and Vehicle Services and your current Permit to Purchase to make address or personal information
change in McLeod County. New cards will be printed at no charge.

Lost or Damaged Permits
Lost or damaged permit requests are processed through the agency that issued your permit.

Provide valid driver’s license/ID or a valid temporary paper license from Driver and Vehicle Services
and a note explaining that your Permit to Purchase card was lost or damaged, or use our form
Purchase Card Lost/Damaged/Stolen. New cards will be printed at no charge.

Additional Information

  • Applicants must be, at minimum, 21 years old to purchase a handgun, and 18 years old to purchase a military style assault rifle.
  • Applicants must pass the required background check.
  • The Sheriff shall either issue a Permit to Purchase or deny the application within 30 days of receipt.
  • The Sheriff shall provide an applicant with written notification of a denial, and the specific reason for the denial.
  • The permit to purchase is valid statewide and shall expire after one year.
  • You may renew your permit in the same manner in which you obtained your original permit.
  • A Permit to Purchase is not necessary for Permit to Carry holders.

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