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McLeod County Law Enforcement Center

The McLeod County Law Enforcement Center was attached to the courthouse in Glencoe and opened in 1982 as the primary base of operations for the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office. Since that time, the Sheriff's Office and County Jail has evolved due to growth of inmate population and changes in technology. gone through some growing pains due to increase in technology equipment and inmates. In 2012, the Communication Center (dispatching services) required a larger space to allocate room for the emergency phone system, the 800 megahertz (MHz) was moved to the large meeting room in order to provide space for emergency phone system, the 800 MHz emergency radio system, the security camera system and dispatching program. In March of 2018, the addition to the McLeod County Jail and the renovation of the McLeod County Sheriff's Office was completed; the location is now referred to as the, "McLeod County Law Enforcement Center" and still adjoins the McLeod County Courthouse. 

McLeod County Law Enforcement Center and Courthouse
801 - 10th Street East
Glencoe, Minnesota 55336


The McLeod County Sheriff's Office has approximately 55 full time employees, 13 part time staff, and approximately 25 posse members, serving six main divisions

"American Flag" Photo by iStrfry , Marcus on Unsplash 

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