Certified Copy Certificate of Title

o obtain a Certified Copy of Certificate of Title:
     1. Provide Certificate of Title Number, Legal Description and Owner of Title.
     2. Send request to:
               McLeod County Government Center
               County Registrar's Office
               520 Chandler Ave North
               Glencoe MN 55336
               Call: 320-864-1362
     3. Certificate will be prepared and a statement sent to you.  Certificate will be mailed when
         payment is received.

Certified Copy of Certificate of Title  $10.00 
Plat  $3.00
Name Searches   
     Federal, State & County  $6.00 per name 
     District Judgments  $5.00 per name 
     Delinquent  $10.00/per parcel 
     Current $10.00/per parcel 
     Special Assessments  $10.00/per parcel 

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