LandShark Notices


Documents are indexed as received, no exception is made for typographical errors or incorrect legal descriptions.  Please check carefully.

Any Documents viewed after the set verification date are subject to deletion up until the verification date is updated.  Please check the notable dates located on the right side of the screen and only use information prior to that date.

Available on computer:

Abstract Images begin 6-1-94, Doc. #259871

Torrens Images begin 2-17-93, Doc. #18101

For Active Torrens Certificates, that are not in process, click on the Torrens sub-tab under the Search tab.

All Paper Tracts are now on Landshark! Click on the Tract tab and search the paper tract under your Subdivision, Condominium or Section/Township/Range. Less is more when searching Subdivisions, so only search the subdivision name to obtain the best results for tract pages. We are still working on checking the images of our older documents (Prior to 4/1/1993). There is still a lot of work to do but we will keep working on that project.

NOTICE - Any images before 4/1/1993 have NOT been verified after importing. Please check these documents carefully, any documents before 4/1/1993 may be inaccurate.  The official images are located in the Recorder’s office.

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