Document Fees

NOTICE: Please make sure that all ink on Notary stamps is DARK and LEGIBLE.  Scanning systems do not pick up light stamps. 

Abstract Department

Recording Document

          $10.50  State Treasury General Fund
          $10.00  Recorder Technology Fund
          $11.00  Unallocated Fund
          $14.50  County General Fund

Multiple Satisfactions / Assignments

$46.00  with 4 document citations or less
$10.00  additional for each document cited over first 4

Well Disclosure Statement

          $42.50 State Treasury General Fund
          $  7.50 County General Fund


          $10.50  State Treasury General Fund
          $10.00  Recorder Technology Fund
          $11.00  Unallocated Fund
          $24.50  County General Fund

Amended: Floor Plan (515),Condominium (515A), 
CIC Plat or amend (515B)

50 cents per apartment or unit with a $56.00 Minimum


Copies and Searches

Non-Certified Copy

As determined by the County Board
Copy/Image/Microfilm – a like amount

Certified Copies

$10.00 per document (Flat fee)

Fax Copies

As determined by the County Board

Copy of an official plat 
Add certification

$5.00     (Large plat size only)

Copy of :  Floor Plan (515),Condominium (515A),
CIC Plat (515B)

$1.00 per page
$10.00 Minimum

Non-certified Copy or duplicate original 
Must be submitted with recording
Upon receipt mark “Duplicate” or “Copy” and show recording date; 
Show document number assigned to original, if available return  immediately

          $2.00 County General fund

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