There are three main areas of responsibility for the County Attorney's Office, including: criminal actions tried on behalf of the State of Minnesota; representation in civil matters and providing legal advice to county departments; and finally, providing representation on behalf of McLeod County in juvenile proceedings. 

The Auditor-Treasurer's Office collects property tax funds owed to the County, oversees and conducts local elections, manages motor vehicle title processing, issues photo identification and driver's licensing, along with processing marriage license applications.

County Boards are the governing bodies of Minnesota's counties. The Board of County Commissioners exists of five elected officials who oversee county activities. The Board works to address citizen concerns and matters, follow federal and state requirements in decision-making, and ensure adequate handling of county operations.

Court Administration is part of the State of Minnesota's First Judicial District. Court Administration is located in the McLeod County Courthouse and Law Enforcement Center. They are responsible for coordinating administrative and management of the McLeod County District Court. The Court Administrator is responsible for ensuring that all elements of the Court system are functioning in a productive manner. Court Administration receives and processes civil, conciliation, criminal, family, juvenile, probate and traffic cases through the judicial system.

The County-Auditor Treasurer administers the county-level responsibilities of local, state, and federal elections. The Auditor-Treasurer's office election responsibilities include the oversight of candidate filings, voter registration, training and oversight of election judges and officials, maintaining voter history, along with tabulation and reporting of election results. 

The County Recorder's primary responsibility is accepting and maintaining the record of public real estate records. The types of transactions and contracts included in the required records includes contracts for deed, deeds, easements, foreclosures, mortgage satisfactions, and probate documents.  The McLeod County Recorder is the local public sector office designated to accept and execute passport applications on behalf of the United States Department of State. The Recorder's Office verifies the information of applicants, and submits completed applications in accordance with Federal requirements. 


The McLeod County Sheriff is primarily responsible for the operations and staff of the McLeod County Sheriff's Office, Jail, and Law Enforcement Center. The McLeod County Sheriff's Office's mission is to protect and serve our community in an efficient and professional manner. Minnesota State laws mandate the majority of the Sheriff's Office duties and services provided. The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for providing security to the McLeod County District Court.


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