County Board

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Duties of the County Board include:

  • Approve recommendations and expenditures of McLeod County Planning Commission.
  • Appoint Highway Engineer, Veterans Service Officer, County Assessor, Zoning Administrator and Building Official.
  • Authorize all highway and bridge construction, including maintenance and purchase of equipment with the Highway Engineer.
  • Award contracts for all highway construction and purchase of equipment by advertising for bids as required by statute.
  • Enter into agreement and contract with the State Highway Department on Federal Aid Road Construction.
  • Supervise county ditch proceedings and let contracts for ditch construction. Ditch contracts are awarded by the County Auditor and the Chairman of the Board upon the Board's approval. The Board is also charged with the responsibility to keep all county ditches in repair.
  • The Board acts as a Board of Appeal and Equalization to equalize assessment of real and personal property which were made by local assessors.
  • Approve homestead and tax relief applications.

The above is not a complete list of the duties of the board. Many problems are brought before the board even though they are not always a problem which can be resolved by them. All citizens and delegations are welcome to attend the open public meetings of the McLeod County Board of Commissioners.

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