McLeod County Board Meeting Guide

About The Meetings
McLeod County Board Meetings and Workshops are open to the public and Board Meetings typically occur on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 9:00 a.m. at the McLeod County Government Center, Martin McLeod Board Room located at 520 Chandler Avenue North, Glencoe, Minnesota.  Residents and staff that are scheduled at the Board Meeting are encouraged to arrive earlier than their scheduled time as the Board, if ahead of schedule, may elect to address their issue earlier in the meeting.

Workshops typically occur immediately following the Board Meeting and the start time is dependent upon the length of the Board Meeting.  Meeting dates are listed on the County Calendar, located on the home page of the McLeod County website.

During Board Meetings, commissioners receive information from staff, community agencies and residents to assist them in developing policy and making decisions that impact the operation of county government.  Current and past agendas are available on the McLeod County website.

If you would like to schedule an item for discussion with the County Board or if you have any questions about meeting attendance, please contact the County Administrator's Office by email or phone 320-864-1320.

All regular Board Meetings are broadcast by HCVN Channel 7 and available online through HCVN's YouTube page and the County Website.  Meeting minutes are available online; minutes are not posted until they are approved at the following Board Meeting.

County Board Agenda
The following outline is a typical format of a regular County Board Meeting.
  • CALL TO ORDER:  The Board Chair calls the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
  • PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  All present are asked to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, as able.
  • RECOGNITION:  Staff and/or residents may be recognized for significant accomplishments.
  • CONSIDERATION OF AGENDA:  Commissioners may add or remote items from the agenda before final approval.
  • CONSENT AGENDA:  The consent agenda covers contract renewals without significant changes, routine administrative subjects and helps keep meetings more efficient.  These items are reviewed by commissioners and the County Administrator prior to each meeting.  An item may be removed from the consent agenda by any commissioner and placed under the regular agenda for further discussion or clarification later in the meeting.
  • PAYMENT OF THE BILLS:  Bills are provided to and reviewed by each commissioner and administration in advance of the Board Meeting; questions are asked of staff before authorizing payment.
  • DEPARTMENT OR PROGRAM ITEMS:  County departments and community agencies seek direction and/or provide reports to the County Board.  In some cases, the Board conducts public hearings, allowing residents to provide input on decisions being considered by the Board.
  • COMMISSIONER REPORTS:  Each commissioner reports on his or her recent activities since the last Board Meeting, including attendance at committee meetings and issues discussed.
  • COUNTY ADMINISTRATION:  The County Administrator presents general information about county operations to the Board and discusses other relevant management topics.
  • OPEN FORUM:  The Board Chair invite residents in the audience to share their comments and concerns about subjects not on the Board Meeting agenda.
  • ADJOURNMENT:  The County Board will recess until the next County Board meeting.
  • WORKSHOPS:   Board Workshops occur immediately following the Board Meeting to discuss pending projects and programs and to receive updates.

Public Hearings
Public Hearings, which are typically scheduled during a regular Board Meeting, give residents the opportunity to express their opinions and to suggest solutions to the Board on county issues.  Notice of a Public Hearing is published in the official county newspaper, at least ten days before the Public Hearing.

Public Hearing procedures are as follows:
  • County staff introduces the topic of the public hearing
  • Board Chair makes a motion to open the hearing to the public
  • Speakers from the public are invited to make comments
  • Board Chair closes the public hearing portion of the meeting
  • Commissioners discuss the public hearing subject
  • Commissioners take action or schedule a public hearing continuation date (the date and time is published in the County's official newspaper)

The Board reserves the right during Board Meetings and Workshops to manage public comments by asking speakers to not repeat comments and/or setting a time limit on how long an individual can speak.  This is done to make efficient use of meeting time.

Executive Sessions
Executive sessions are meetings that are closed to the public.  State law allows such meetings on a limited range of subjects, such as actual or threatened litigation, staff performance evaluations, labor negotiation strategy, etc.  A report on any action taken is made at the next regular Board Meeting.

Respectful Behavior
McLeod County is committed to conducting respectful meetings; name-calling and/or abusive language will not be allowed.  Individuals who chose to behave in a disrespectful manner may result in being asked to leave.  Comments from speakers may be curtailed by the Board Chair if the speaker is overly argumentative, redundant or repetitive.

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