McLeod County Auditor Treasurer: Elected Statutory Responsibilities
The County Auditor-Treasurer is an elected position, whose responsibilities are subject to MN Statutes, Chapter 384
  • Maintains the official financial records for the county, consisting of ledgers, journals and related documents, accounts payable, payroll for county employees, signs all checks issued against the County, accounts receivable, and responsible for a monthly trial balance
  • Investment Officer for the County and is responsible for investing the County funds in an efficient manner
  • Process & deposit all receipts for dollars being collected by all County departments
  • Responsible for mailing & collecting current year property taxes for approximately 20,000 real, personal, and mobile home properties. Balances & prepares the distribution of current year tax collections to the various authorities
  • Reconciliation of county bank accounts; calculation and collection of Deed Tax and Mortgage Registration Tax; processing of legal documents before final recording with the County Recorder; current tax certifications; escrow of tax payments, and all State and Federal Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Prepares the annual financial statement of the County
  • Based on the budgets of the county, townships, cities, school districts and special taxing districts, and the tax capacity of those districts as certified by the assessor, the auditor calculates the tax capacity rates on which all taxes are levied, and computes taxes on each parcel of land for real and personal property taxes
  • Maintains status of delinquent tax records and spreads collections to proper taxing district
  • Collects special assessments for cities and townships relating to water, sewer, sidewalk, curb and gutter, ditch repairs and remits same to cities or tax authority
  • Maintains up-to-date records on each of approximately 19,734 parcels of land in the County to include description and ownership. Daily changes are made involving transfers, sales, splits, mortgages, etc.
  • Keeps a record of all County’s fixed assets
  • Records all County Ditch proceedings and assesses any assessments approved by the County Board
  • Caretaker of about 50 county and joint county ditch systems. All records and maps are maintained in office
  • Auditor-Treasurer is the Chief Election Administrator for the county. Responsible for training election judges and officials, printing ballots, registering voters, absentee ballot administration, filing certain candidates, providing ballots and election supplies to the County’s 28 voting precincts, receiving and tabulating election ballots, all other duties pertaining to elections as applicable, and filing abstract of election with the Secretary of State
  • Chief custodian of official voter registration records. Maintains current list on state-wide computer system
  • Issues liquor, wine, beer, auctioneer, dangerous dog and other licenses issued by the county as appropriate
  • Upon request, the County Auditor-Treasurer issues tax certificates under the seal of the office indicating thereon whether taxes are paid or not
  • Serves as a member of the Board of Appeal and Equalization, Canvassing Board and Secretary of Extension Committee
  • Deputy Registrar #84 for new and used vehicle registration to transfer ownership, and purchase of vehicle tabs for renewals
  • License and registration for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobile and ATV’s
  • Issue fishing and hunting licenses
  • Renewal, duplicate and first applications for State Driver's Licenses and State Identification cards
  • Auditor-Treasurer is in charge of Vital Statistics containing the following areas of service: Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, and Marriage License

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