If your property tax payment is not showing up on the website or if you have a question about your payment, please contact Property Tax for the most current information at 320-864-1271.

When will I receive my current year property tax statement?

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax statements are mailed in March each year.  The statutory deadline is March 31.

Manufactured Home tax statements are scheduled to be mailed in June each year.  The statutory deadline is July 15.

Property Tax Information - FAQs

What if I haven't received a tax bill?
If you have not received a property tax statement by the statutory mailing deadline, it is your responsibility to contact the Property Tax Division of the Auditor/Treasurer's Office to have a duplicate statement sent to you.
How do I change the mailing address on my tax statement?
Contact the Auditor-Treasurer's office at 320-864-1203, we will mail you a form to sign and send back to update your address.
How are my property taxes calculated?

The Auditor/Treasurer's Office computes your property taxes by multiplying the value of your property by the total tax rate of the district in which your property is located.  Classification rates are set by the Minnesota State Legislature. 

The value of your property is determined by the County Assessor's Office, and the classification is based on use.

Where do my property tax dollars go?
Property tax dollars are distributed to the county, school district, municipality, and other special taxing districts in which your property is located.  
Can I make a partial payment on my current year taxes?
The McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer's Office accepts payments of more or less than the exact amount of a tax installment due for the current year. If the accepted payment is less than the amount due, it is applied first to the penalty accursed for the year that the payment is made.
What if my property tax payment is late?
If you pay your tax after the tax due dates, a penalty will be added. The later you pay, the greater the penalty. For details, check the back of your property tax statement or refer to the schedule of penalties for late payment of property tax.
What if I become delinquent on my property taxes?
Property taxes become delinquent in the year following the payable year. Interest and penalty accrue on a monthly basis. The property is put into judgment and the forfeiture process begins.
What if I overpay my taxes?
If there is an overpayment on your current taxes, a refund will be issued.
What is a Truth - In - Taxation (TNT) notice?
The Truth - In - Taxation notice (TNT), also called the Proposed Tax Notice, is mailed to property owners during November each year.  This notice indicates the anticipated property tax you will pay the following year if your local jurisdictions approve the budget amounts they are considering.  Property owners are invited to attend meetings held by their local jurisdictions to express their opinions on local budgets.
Can the amount of my property tax due on my tax statement be different than the amount on my proposed tax notice?

Yes, for the following reasons:

  • The proposed tax notice does not include special assessments
  • Referendums passed could result in increasing the tax amounts
  • Property owners who occupy their property by December 1 can file for homestead classification for the following year.
What is a Special Assessment?
A special assessment is an improvement (such as streets, etc.) which directly benefits the property. It is shown as a separate amount on the property tax statement.  The amount is based on how much the property benefits from the improvement and the cost of doing the project.  It is not based on the value of the property.
How do I apply for the State Property Tax M1PR Refund?

If you owned and occupied this property on January 2 of this year as your homestead, you may qualify for a property tax refund. In addition, Minnesota homeowners whose property taxes increased by more than 12 percent over last year may be eligible for a special property tax refund. To determine if you are eligible for the Minnesota property tax refund and/or the special property tax refund, read the Form M-1PR Instructions and fill out the Form M-1PR.

Your state income tax booklet may contain the Form M-1PR and instructions. If not, you can download forms from the Minnesota Department of Revenue or request forms by calling the state at 651-296-4444, or by writing to Minnesota Tax Forms Mail Station 1421 St. Paul, Minnesota 55146-1421

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