McLeod County Ordinances

Below is a listing of all recorded ordinances within the county. To view an ordinance, select the document name.

McLeod County Ordinances
Document Number Document Recording Date or document date
A-181455 Ordinance #0 Parks-Rules & Regulations 6/13/1978
A-180652 Ordinance #5 Building Code 4/6/1978
A-184667 Amend Ord #5 Building Code 4/4/1979
A-192214 Ordinance #6 Prohibiting Exhibition Driving 5/14/1981
A-221016 Ordinance #2 Subdivisions  1/12/1988
A-277153 Ordinance #4 Management of Solid Waste Disposal 2/20/1997
A-322366 Adult Business & Licensing 7/25/2002
A-333224 Feedlot Management Ordinance 6/30/2003
A-348043 Clandestine Drug 11/17/2004
A-363457 Smoke-Free Workplace 7/17/2006
A-363458 Amended Smoke-Free Workplace 7/17/2006
A-364834 Emergency Management 9/13/2006
A-387743 SSTS Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems 12/28/2009
A-423530 Tobacco Ordinance 12/22/2015
A-433184 Buffer Ordinance 11/20/2017
A-436065 Amended Buffer Ordinance 6/19/2018
A-444313 A Curfew for Minors 2/13/2020
A-458046 Burning Ordinance 3/10/2022
A-466582 Cannabis Ordinance 01/03/2024

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