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New Minnesota Benefits for 100% P&T Disabled Veterans
Starting January 1, 2024, the following new benefits are available for Veterans who are rated 100% P&T:
 -Exempt from registration fees (including filing fees) for two vehicles of their choosing. This includes passenger vehicles, non-commercial 1-ton pick-up trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. This does NOT include personalized plate fee, annual contributions for special plates, reinstatement fees or impound fees
 -Exempt from title fees (including filing fees) for vehicles purchased on or after January 1, 2024. This does NOT include salvage inspections or fast track fees.
 -Exempt from driver's license and identification card fees for all types of cards (Standard, Real ID, and Enhanced).

Starting June 30, 2024, the following new benefit will be available for Veterans who are rated 100% P&T:
 -Exempt from paying motor vehicle sales taxes for vehicles purchased on or after that date. 

In order to take advantage of any of these Minnesota benefits, Veterans must show proof of their 100% disability. Any of the following documents are acceptable for eligibility verification: Annual VA Benefits Summary Letter, VA Rating Decision, or DoD Issued Military ID Card with 100% rating annotated in the affiliation section. 

Post 9/11 Veteran Service Bonus
The 2022 Legislature passed the first-ever Veterans Omnibus Bill that included funding for a service bonus payable to eligible Veterans who served from 9/11/2001 to 8/30/2021. The application opened July 7, 2022 and will run until June 30, 2024, or until funds have been exhausted. There are three tiers of this bonus: $600, $1,200 and $2,000. For more information, visit here. To apply, visit here

New in 2023: Veterans who were previously denied the Post 9/11 Bonus due to entering the military outside of Minnesota are now eligible. Operation Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal was also added as a qualifying medal for the $1,200. If any Veteran falls into this category, we can assist them in reapplying. 

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