Veterans Spotlight Radio Program

McLeod County Veteran Services proudly sponsors the Veterans Spotlight Radio Program. The radio program is on every third Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. on KGLB 1310 AM and also KGLB 96.1 FM where several topics are discussed that relate to Veterans Healthcare, Veterans Benefits and more.

If you would like to sponsor one of the monthly programs or have a topic that you would like discussed, please contact McLeod County Veteran Services office at 320-864-1268.

Veterans Spotlight Radio Program Recordings 

February 2024 Discussion Topics

  • New MN Benefits for Veteran rated 100% P&T or IU
  • New MN Veterans Home
  • Upcoming Benefit Seminars hosted by McLeod County Veterans Services
    • Vietnam Era March 12th 2-3:00 and 5-6:00 at McLeod County Government Center
    • Gulf War / Post 9-11 Era March 26th 2-3:00 and 5-6:00 at McLeod County Government Center

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January 2024 Discussion Topics

Click to Listen: January 2024 Program


December 2023 Discussion Topics

  • Transportation Programs
    • McLeod County Veteran Services
    • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 37
  • Myths/ Urban Legends surrounding Veteran benefits

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November 2023 Discussion Topics

  • Extended Care Services Offered by VA Health Care
    • Home Health Aid
    • Home Based Primary Care
    • Respite Care
  • Long Term Care
    • Federal LTC Eligibility/ Options
    • State LTC Eligibility/ Options

Click to Listen: November 2023 Program

October 2023 Discussion Topics

  • VA Health Care

Click to Listen: October 2023 Program

September 2023 Discussion Topics

  • Flu Shots for Veterans
  • MDVA Post 9/11 New Eligibility
  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

Click to Listen: September 2023 Program

August 2023 Discussion Topics

  • McLeod County Fair Veteran & Military Appreciation Events
  • PACT Act Overview

Click to Listen: August 2023 Program

July 2023 Discussion Topics

Click to Listen: July 2023 Program

June 2023 Discussion Topics

  • Introduction of new Veteran Service Officers
  • Changes in MN Legislation Affecting Veterans
    • Post 9/11 Bonus
    • Minnesota GI Bill
    • MN Driver's License / ID Cards
    • Motor Vehicle Changes

Click to Listen: June 2023 Program

May 2023 Discussion Topics

  • Jim's farewell and recap of his service to McLeod County Veteran Services and the changes that occurred over the years. 

Click to Listen: May 2023 Program

April 2023 Discussion Topics

  • VA Health Care Facilities
    • In-home services
  • Veterans Pension / Survivors Pension
    • Housebound / Assisted Living
    • Aid & Attendance (Skilled Nursing Care)
  • Long-Term Care Options

Click to Listen: April 2023 Program

March 2023 Discussion Topics

  • Scholarships for Veterans, Dependent Children/Grandchildren/Spouse/etc. 
  • Taxable vs Non-Taxable Veteran Benefits
  • Scams Targeting Veterans

Click to Listen: March 2023 Program

February 2023 Discussion Topics

  • MDVA Optical & Dental Vouchers
  •  Mental Health Resources

Click to Listen: February 2023 Program

January 2023 Discussion Topics

  • LSS CORE Financial Counseling
  •  Financial Assistance Programs
    • MDVA Veteran's Relief Grant
    • McLeod County Veterans Association Grant
    • MACV (Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans)
    • MDVA Optical & Dental Vouchers
  • Veteran Owned Business Support
  • Veteran Education Benefits
  • Veteran Home Loan Guarantee

Click to Listen: January 2023 Program


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