5-Year Plan

5 Year Highway Improvement Plan

The 5-Year Plan is developed by the County Engineer and Public Works staff to aid with budgeting, planning, programming, and construction of highway and bridge improvement projects. The 5-Year Plan is presented to the County Board for review and approval. 

Keep in mind this is only a plan; funding levels change, County Board directives change, etc. It is the goal of McLeod County Public Works to maintain this schedule to the best of our ability with the resources given to us.


County Road 115 (Airport Road) Improvement Project
We are planning an improvement project on County Road 115 (Airport Road) from County Road 7 to Highway 22, originally programmed for 2021 it has been moved to 2023 due to the addition of a roundabout at the intersection of CR 25 (Jefferson Road). The proposed work still includes removing portions of the existing roadway and replacing it with a new concrete driving surface and new paved shoulders, repairs to the Crow River Bridge, in addition to the roundabout.  Please visit www.McLeodCR115.com to view more information and access an Interactive Comment Map.  Comments can also be made by contacting our office at 320.484.4321.

Hutchinson NE Ring Road Study
McLeod County and the City of Hutchinson have been studying a plan to build a NE ring road around the city that curves from Hwy 15 on Hutchinson's north side to Hwy 7 / Hwy 22 on Hutchinson's east side.
 5/24/21 Update - No decisions have been made on the final alignment.  Next steps are for the project management team along with our consultant to get together and review the alignments again, look at the feedback we received from the public engagement, and then get together with the County Board and get feedback for next steps.  There will likely be another round of public engagement, either live or online.  We anticipate having some final decisions toward the end of this year.

 9/30/22 Update - An open house will be held on 10/4/22 at the McLeod County Fairgrounds Commercial Building Meeting room from 4 pm to 6 pm.  Please see the open house information below.  If you are unable to attend the in-person event, comments can also be made by contacting the Project Manager, Leif Garnass at lgarnass@srfconsulting.com or by phone at 763-452-4725.
100422 NE Ring Road Open House One Pager
100422 NE Ring Road Open House Materials
100422 NE Ring Road Open House Comment Sheet

Highway 7/County Road 1 Roundabout Project

Highway 212/County Road 15 (Morningside) Roundabout Project

Other Projects in Planning

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