Section Monuments

Sample of Section Monuments - Helen TownshipA Note About Using McLeod County Public Land Survey System Coordinates
The NAD83 (1996 HARN Adjustment) county coordinate values on the following pages were computed from county GPS and traverse data, for PLS monument perpetuation and parcel mapping purposes. These coordinates can be used for measure comparisons, but should not be used as a replacement for subsequent measurements by land surveyors performing boundary surveys.

The Public Land Survey states “monuments as physically evidenced must stand as the true corners of the subdivisions which they were intended to represent, and will be given controlling preference over recorded directions and lengths of lines”. Second General Rule, MANUAL AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SURVEY OF THE PUBLIC LANDS OF THE UNITED STAES, 1973, Bureau of Land Management.

Included in this coordinate list is the computed value for several theoretical PLS positions, which were determined by interpretation of PLS plat data. These values should not be used for actual boundary survey work, without further examination of additional survey records and boundary evidence that may be found on the ground.

This coordinate list includes everything that has been completed to date. If you have any questions about these coordinate values or if you find any errors, please contact the county GIS Director.

McLeod County make no representation or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the reuse of data provided herewith, regardless of its format or the means of transmission. There is no guarantee or representation to the user as to the accuracy, currency, suitability, or reliability of this data for any purpose. The user accepts the data "as is", and assumes all risks associated with its use. By acceptance of this data, the user agrees not to transmit this data or provide access to it or any part of it to another party unless the user shall include with the data a copy of this disclaimer. McLeod County assumes no responsibility for actual or consequential damage incurred as a result of any user's reliance on this data.

McLeod County section monuments are displayed with coordinate values and each township is quartered with 4 pages per document.

As of 2010, all of the section corners, witness corners, and meander corners have been visited with GPS to obtain coordinate values. A full list is available for download below.

2010 PLS Set     Acoma     Bergen     Collins     Glencoe     Hale    Hassan Valley
Helen   Hutchinson   Lynn   Penn   Rich Valley   Round Grove  Sumter   Winsted

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