MnDOT Geodetic Points

mndotgeoBrntnThe following map contains geodetic point locations for McLeod County.   Included on the map are approximate latitude and longitude references along the top and side of the map.  This map is available for viewing below.  Be sure to view the map at 100 percent resolution for the best quality.

When it has been determined which points will be used with the survey, you may visit the MnDot Geodetic Site to obtain information for those points.  Once at this site, click on the "I accept these conditions" checkbox, then click on Geodetic Station Data Files.  This will provide a full listing of the points within the county you choose.  The points are listed primarily alphabetically, but there may be a few towards the end of the document which have been added and are out of order.  It is critical to remember when using this information with McLeod County's points, to use the NGVD29 and to use the Harn Geodetic Position NAD83 (1996).  Also, when converting to feet from meters, use the 3937/1200 (3.280833333) conversion as shown on the pages. The standard conversion of 3.2808398 will produces incorrect results which could be over 1 foot in error.

McLeod County MnDot Geodetic Points Map

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