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U.S. Map of Plant Hardiness ZonesThe USDA and Arbor Day have established Plant Hardiness Zones. The 1990 USDA Zone map supersedes the USDA Miscellaneous Publication 814 which was revised in 1965. The Arbor Day foundation created a zone map taking into account warmer temperatures recently experienced throughout much of the US. In 2003 the American Horticultural Society was commissioned by the USDA to create an updated version of their 1990 map.

The following are other maps of interest.
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2011 Minnesota Counties GIS Contacts Map Calendar
2013 Minnesota Counties GIS Contacts Map Calendar
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Hardiness Zones 1990 - 2004 (471KB)
Hardiness Zones 2004 (316KB)
Hardiness Zones AHS (1430KB)
Minnesota Zip Codes (190KB)
NEWS RELEASE: 2006 Sumter & Penn Township Section Corner Control
NEWS RELEASE: 2007 Section Corner Remonumentation
World Map (2867KB)

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