Rural Addressing Maps and Information

Rural Addressing is assigned by the GIS Division of the McLeod County Highway Department. All information is collected by the McLeod County Zoning Department and forwarded to the Highway Department. Those requesting an address need to have an approved entrance from the county or township. For an entrance onto a county road, a permit is needed which is available here. For an entrance onto a township road, please contact that township for their approval. Address requests need to have the approval of the McLeod County Planning and Zoning Department. Once these conditions have been met, an address will be assigned for the property.

The information needed to provide an accurate address for the request includes:
1. The parcel identification number.
2. The distance, in feet, of the driveway to the property lines.
3. The distance, in feet, of the driveway to the nearest existing addressed driveway or intersecting public road, whichever is closer.

This information is used in calculating the number of the address. If this entrance location changes after the information is submitted, a new number will be calculated and fees will apply.

The downloadable document explains the placement of the 911 sign as well as the required information to submit to the Planning and Zoning Department.

Rural Addressing Information and Request Form
street sign in rural McLeod County

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