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MN Responds is a web site that is part of a nationwide initiative to pre-register, manage, and mobilize volunteers to help their communities respond to all types of disasters.

Minnesota is looking for anyone willing to volunteer their skills in the event of a health emergency. These persons include:

  • Healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, psychiatrists, veterinarians, etc.
  • Public health professionals.
  • Behavioral health and social service professionals including psychologists, social workers, counselors, interpreters, and chaplains.
  • Support staff such as clerical workers, data entry, greeters, traffic control, canteen workers, etc.
Volunteers may be practicing, retired, college students, or otherwise employed.  Visit MN Responds at https://www.mnresponds.org or contact our office at 320-864-3185.

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