Applying for Services

1.  Call our office at (320) 864-3144 or (800) 247-1756 and request to apply for financial assistance.

  • Application forms may be sent out in the mail.  If you call, a worker can give instructions over the phone on what to bring in for the interview, OR
  • You can go directly to our office at McLeod Social Service Center, 520 Chandler Avenue North, Glencoe, MN  55336.   Application forms can be picked up there.  An interview can be arranged.  Note:  If you are applying for health programs only, you can go to to apply.  You would not need to come in to the office for an interview.

2.  Fill out the Combined Application Form, Part I and II.

  • It is important to get the Part I into the office as soon as possible.  Your assistance may begin from the date you sign the Part I and take it to the office.
  • This Combined Application Form, Part I and Part II, is the application for cash, food, and child care programs.  All the people in the household and their income must be listed.

3.  Attend an interview with a worker and bring all the verification required.

  • The Combined Application Form indicates many items that require verification.  The worker can help you get the verifications.  You can also call ahead and find out what to bring.  Eligibility cannot be determined until all the verifications have been received.
  • All programs have income and resource limits which you must meet and verify to be eligible.  Those income and resource limits are different for each program.
  • You may have someone else apply for you.  You must give your written consent for this.  The other person is called the "authorized representative."

In emergency situations, call or go to our office immediately and explain the emergency.  You may be able to get assistance the same day.

We want to ensure that all non-English speaking applicants have access to County-provided interpreters in their native language.  Please let us know in advance if interpretive services are needed.

McLeod Social Service Center is prohibited from discriminating on the basis
 of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, political beliefs, or disability.
To file a complaint of discrimination:
ATTN: Director
McLeod Social Service Center
520 Chandler Avenue North
Glencoe, MN   55336
McLeod County is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Provider and Employer

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