Steps to Becoming a Licensed Foster Care Provider

This is a general outline of child foster care licensing procedures.
  1. Contact the Child Foster Care Licensing Social Worker at 320-864-3144, to express your interest in becoming a McLeod County Foster Parent.
  2. Prospective applicants must attend Foster Parent Orientation, which is typically offered twice a year.
  3. If, after the Foster Parent Orientation, the family is still interested, background studies on all household members, ages 13 and older, will be initiated. Some of the other requirements include; physical health forms for all persons in the household, personal questionnaires, application, home safety checklist, and three personal references.
  4. When the application and background studies have been completed, an appointment will be made for a home-site inspection. A visit from the state fire inspector may be required.
  5. The licensor will do a home study. This will include several interviews with prospective foster parents and their children. The contents of the home study will include family relationships, family activities, discipline techniques, communication skills, expectations of foster care, and ages and types of foster children desired.
  6. The agency licensing process may take up to three months.
  7. When the application is completed, the agency shall forward its licensing recommendations to the Department of Human Services within 20 working days.

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