Child Foster Care License

McLeod County Foster Care Licensing operates as an agent of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and is responsible for licensing Child Foster Care homes in McLeod County. 
What is Foster Care?
When children can no longer live safely with their families, another family gives them love and care through foster care and adoption.
Foster and adoptive parents provide the stability children need. Day after day, foster and adoptive parents’ dedication, commitment and efforts make a profound difference in the lives of children and their families.
Most children in out-of-home care have been abused and neglected. They have been traumatized. Some are coping well, given the circum­stances, and others are in great emotional pain and may show that through their behavior.
Some of these children have physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. These special needs may keep them from making friends, coping with emotions, feeling successful in school and feeling like a member of a new family.
Of all the children in out-of-home care, most are older children or sibling groups who need to be placed together. Few are young children or toddlers.  All children have one thing in common: they want to be part of a permanent family. 

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