Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance ProgramsEmergency Assistance (EA) is a program for low-income families experiencing a financial crisis.  Emergency assistance is usually provided in the form of specific payments for shelter or other emergency expenses, which cause a threat to the health or safety of the individual or family.

Those who are currently active on a program with Financial Assistance should call their caseworker to apply for emergency assistance. Those who are not currently active in a program with McLeod County can call 320-864-3144 or 800-247-1756 and ask for information on how to apply for emergency assistance.
Emergency General AssistanceEmergency General Assistance is emergency help for single adults or adults without children in their home that can provide short-term financial support for qualifying people that are facing an unexpected emergency. Emergency situations include preventing evictions and utility disconnections.  

Emergency General Assistance  can only be issued to a household once every 12 months.

 SNAP (Expedited Food):Some applicants may be eligible to receive food right away. In order to receive food right away you have to meet one of these criteria:
  • Migrant/Destitute
  • Assets less than or equal To $100 and income less than $150
  • Assets plus income less than shelter costs

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