Car Seat Safety

Trained technicians and practitioners provide Child Passenger Safety services to parents, families and caregivers.

C.A.R.S. TrainingA technician approved by the Department of Humans Services provides C.A.R.S. Training to childcare providers, foster care providers and agencies that transport children under the age of 9.

This course meets requirements for those child care providers who transport children. Participants will learn about current child passenger safety laws, liability issues, which type of seat belt system is in their vehicle, types of crashes that occur, various types of child passenger safety restraints used, appropriate seat selections for each child and how to install them.

The goal of this class is to ensure that a child passenger restraint fits each child correctly, the vehicle it is being used in and to ensure that it is used correctly on every ride. 

Car Seat Distribution ProgramTechnicians provide a free, one-hour class for parents on proper use of their child safety seat. The training includes information on the correct seat for the child, safely securing the child in the seat, and correct installation of the seat in the vehicle. Child safety seats are available for purchase on a sliding fee basis at the training.

Contact Health and Human Services for eligibility requirements at 320-864-3185 

Car Seat ChecksAt a Car Seat Check, seats are evaluated for defects, recalls, suitability for the age and size of the child, as well as fit with the safety belt system in the vehicle.  If you want to get your child's car seat checked, call Health and Human Services  at 320-864-3185 for an appointment.

Educational OpportunitiesStaff can present car seat safety and demonstrate correct installation of a seat.  These educational opportunities have been given at prenatal classes, ECFE, and many other settings. For more information, call Health and Human Services.

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