Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems

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Which rules and ordinances govern the subsurface sewage treatment systems in McLeod County?
McLeod County enforces Minnesota Rules Chapter 7080Chapter 7081Chapter 7082, and Chapter 7083. In addition to these state rules the McLeod County Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS) Ordinance is enforced locally as of January 1, 2010.
Is the McLeod County SSTS Ordinance different from other counties in the area?
The McLeod County More Restrictive Standards show the standards that are more restrictive than those found in the Minnesota Rules.
What is required when transferring property?
  • The seller of the property must disclose, in writing, all information regarding the status and location of the SSTS’s on the property using the McLeod County Property Transfer Septic System Disclosure Form.
  • If the system hasn’t recently been inspected (in the past five years for a new system or the past three years for an existing system) a compliance inspection is required. 
  • If the property in question has a SSTS requiring an upgrade the property transfer may still occur if the buyer and seller sign and submit an agreement (McLeod County Property Transfer Agreement Form) stating who is responsible for the upgrade of the SSTS.
What is required for a Septic Permit?
To issue a septic permit McLeod County requires:
How much does a Septic Permit cost?
  • Type I System:  $350.00, plus a $100 Soil Verification fee for a total of $450.00.
  • Type II System (Holding Tank):  $150.00 plus a $50.00 Operating Permit for a total of $200.00.  
  • Type III, IV, or V Systems (a system requiring monitoring and mitigation) the cost is $450.00, plus a $50.00 Operating Permit. 
  • All permits shall include a University of Minnesota Septic Management Plan.

NOTE:  All non-standard systems require an Operating Permit with a cost of $50.00.

Is there any financial assistance available for an SSTS upgrade?
Our office is currently obtaining funding.  Please contact Environmental Services Department for additional information.  (320) 484-4300

SSTS Low Interest Loan Application  for terms and details.
I have a non-compliant SSTS on my property but the home will no longer be in use; do I still need to upgrade my septic system?
If your septic system is no longer needed you may be able to abandon the system to bring the property into compliance.   Abandonment of the system must be completed according to Minnesota Rules, Chapter 7080.2500. After abandonment the MPCA SSTS Abandonment Formmust be completed by a licensed installation business and submitted to McLeod County Environmental Services for approval; along with disconnecting the water supply to the home.
Can I install my own septic system without being licensed?
McLeod County allows non-pressurized systems to be installed by the homeowner if the system’s designer is present at the final inspection. For these systems approval must be obtained from the Environmental Services office in advance.

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