McLeod County Feedlots

Feedlot Annual Reporting
2023 County Feedlot Officer (CFO) Annual Report
2023 MPCA County Feedlot Financial Report

2022 County Feedlot Officer (CFO) Annual Report
2022 MPCA County Feedlot Financial Report

2021 County Feedlot Officer (CFO) Annual Report 
2021 MPCA County Feedlot Annual Report

McLeod County Feedlots
McLeod County has been a delegated county since 1998. McLeod County enforces Minnesota Rule Chapter 7020: Animal Feedlots through the McLeod County Feedlot Management Ordinance.  Please call Sandy at 320-484-4344 to direct questions or comments regarding feedlots.

What is a Feedlot?
A lot or building or a group of lots or buildings used for the confined feeding, breeding or holding of animals. This definition includes areas specifically designed for confinement in which manure may accumulate or any area where the concentration of animals is such that a vegetative cover cannot be maintained. Lots used to feed and raise poultry are considered to be feedlots. Pastures are not animal feedlots.

Feedlot Contacts
Marc Telecky | 320-484-4342
Environmental Services Director, Interim County Feedlot Officer

Sandra Posusta | 320-484-4344
Environmental Services Administrative Assistant

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