Sue Schulz
McLeod County Assessor
Phone 320-864-1254
Fax 320-864-3268

McLeod County Government Center
County Assessor's Office
520 Chandler Avenue North
Glencoe, Minnesota 55336

The County Assessor is appointed by the County Board of Commissioners as the chief assessment officer in the county.  The Assessor is responsible for the assessment and classification of all real estate.  Approximately 20,000 parcels are appraised and classified each year in McLeod County.   Our Assessor's office has 6 full-time personnel; their tasks relate to property valuation and classification in McLeod County.
Assessor PracticesCounty Assessor's offices are governed by state statue. Our staff views properties quarterly, values properties annually (based on market), and classifies properties according to use. The Assessor's Office receives sales data and verifies information for accuracy.  Our assessment process can not consider data from bank sales, foreclosures, or short sales in determining the annual value.  The current practice of market adjustment uses previous year sales data.  For example - current year value is based on sales occurring between October 1 from two years' prior and September 30 of the previous year (for example, 2021 values would be based on sales occurring between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020).

Classification of property is based on property use category.  There are many categories of use classification, however, the four common property use categories are: residential, agricultural, commercial/industrial, and apartment. Properties can have more than one type of classification (mixed-classification).  It is not uncommon to have residential and commercial on the same parcel.

All types of property are viewed on a quarterly schedule in an effort to maintain accurate information.  Our assessed values are required to fall between 90 to 105 percent of property sales price; it is important we have accurate data for sales comparison.  If our assessed values fall below 90%, and have inaccurate data, our valuation process can present adverse values.  Our office places a bright pink tag on the doors of properties visited.  A phone call back to help us maintain our accuracy is greatly appreciated.

"Yellow Field" Photo by Silvestri Matteo on Unsplash 

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