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McLeod County is dedicated to providing and maintaining an accessible and concise webpage. This section of our website is intended to provide information regarding our intention for website design so that our website editors and users have a clear understanding of use and submission guidelines. If you find information or content on our website that does not meet these standards, omits information, or is listed in error, please bring it to the attention of the County Administrator. The information provided on McLeod County's website and application is for general information purposes only. All information provided is in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information provided through this website. 

Site Compliance
Links should be embedded in content in this format, not referenced and then listed separately. Do not underline regular text, only links have underlines (instead, use italics for emphasis as needed, or the Sub-Area of Content info listed below). Regular font is Poppins 15px and dark gray or black. Introduction information should be at the top of the page since there is a header. Content regarding the introduction should be placed here.

All information should be left aligned. No centering of titles, photos, or text. Left alignment maintains consistency in the page design to line up nicely with the left navigation links and is optimal for mobile device viewing. All spacing must be single spacing (i.e. the Phone and Fax listings below). Phone number format is as shown below (xxx-xxx-xxxx). All email addresses should be listed with the link only and a reference, not the email address, as shown below. 

McLeod County Administration
McLeod County Government Center
520 Chandler Avenue North
Glencoe, Minnesota 55336

Phone 320-864-5551
Fax 320-864-5551
Sheila Murphy

Additional Header Format - Poppins 24px Not Bold - Dark Gray Font Color - Line Underneath

Links should be the reference to the site, not the site address example below
McLeod County Website 
  • Bullet Point List Format
  • Use Square Bullets
NOTE: If you're editing an existing list on a page into bullet points, it will shift the entire page. You must click before the first letter in the first word of the list you want to make into bullets and click on the dropdown in the editing menu for bullet points, choose the square. It will only edit that line. Backspace the following lines and then press enter (one by one) to reformat the list. 

Sub-Area of Content under Header
Under Additional Headers in your page, you'll sometimes have sub-areas to highlight, to do that use the format shown here. Use Poppins 15px, bold, italic, dark gray. 

Mobile-Device Viewing
To assure that the content you're editing or adding appears correctly, in mobile formats, follow these steps: view the page in Google Chrome. Click on the three dots under the X at the top right of the page. Choose More Tools > Developer Tools. Click on the mobile device icon at the top of the right viewing panel, utilize the device list on the top of the left viewing panel to view in different mobile formats, iPhone X is our default mobile format for reference. 

ADA Compliance of Images
Photos and Infographics must be ADA Compliant, example:

Logos must be ADA Compliant, example (always resize equally and avoid blurry edges):

Link Management and Document/Image Storage
The consistent formatting for the supporting content of our website is critical to maintaining an operational and consistent website, along with organization of the storage for supporting files.

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