County Administration


Sheila Murphy
County Administrator
Phone 320-864-1320

McLeod County Government Center
County Administration Offices
520 Chandler Avenue North
Glencoe, Minnesota 55336

McLeod County Administration serves County taxpayers, the Board of Commissioners and County employees. This is accomplished by encouraging two-way communication through positive and trusting relationships, and, empowering Administration staff to make efficient, effective and fair decisions. The County Administration department is overseen by the County Administrator. Administration houses the following departments and/or services:  Finance, Economic Development, Human Resources, Central Services, and Information Technology.

Under the general direction of the County Board, the County Administrator provides overall evaluation, planning, coordination, management  and direction of McLeod County Departments.  The County Administrator administers the policies and programs approved by the County Board and supervises the management function of the County over which the Board has authority.  The Administrator is clerk to the board, is responsible for an accurate record of its official proceedings, carefully preserves all documents required to be deposited within Administration and is present at each regular meeting of the board in accordance with state and federal regulations. STAFF CONTACTS AND SERVICES

Finance Director  

Colleen Robeck  | Phone 320-864-1262 
The Finance Director is responsible to direct, administer, establish, and maintain the County's budget system, capital improvement budget, accounting system, and payroll system, under the direction of the County Administrator.  This position is responsible for establishing County-wide financial standards for all departments , for managing the preparation and representation of the County's annual financial reporting, and managing the fiscal policies in cooperation with the County Administrator and the County Board.  The Finance Director oversees financial staff, plans and implements short and long-term financial plans and initiatives with relevant staff to improve the utilization of resources and efficiency of governmental services.


Employee Relations Director  

Hannah Tjoflat  | Phone 320-864-1324
The Employee Relations Director manages Human Resources functions and staff under the direction of the County Administrator.  The Human Resources Department oversees compensation administration, implementation and maintenance of personnel policies,  and the County's employee benefits. They are responsible for recruitment and retention of staff, assuring training and development of employees, participation in labor negotiations, and resolution of personnel conflict.


Information Technology Manager 

Matt Troska | Phone 320-484-4357
Under the direction of the County Board and County Administrator, the Information Technology Manager is responsible for technology purchasing, maintenance of relevant assets, and technology implementation. Information Technology oversees the compliant creation, preservation, and maintenance of the County's intellectual property. The Manager and their team are tasked with researching and providing recommendations for vendors and technology, creating and maintaining cooperative efforts with necessary agencies, and assuring integrity is upheld with McLeod County Information Technology practices and policies. 


Economic Development Coordinator 
Liz Danielson  | Phone 320-864-1328
The McLeod County Economic Development Coordinator is a member of County Administration, and, acts through the general direction of the McLeod County Economic Development Committee and the County Board with the guidance of the County Administrator. McLeod County Economic Development efforts are intended to work in cooperation with, and support, local economic and community efforts of the cities and townships within our borders for the overall benefit of the County and its residents. 


Central Services - Facilities Supervisor

Spencer Bauer  | Phone 320-864-1326
The Central Services Facilities Supervisor, and their team, are part of County Administration. Central Services oversees the facilities and properties owned or occupied by McLeod County departments and their services. Facilities leadership oversees Maintenance Staff, coordinates service contracts and vendor performance, assists with facility maintenance and development, and holds responsibility for the coordination and care of County internal facility-based assets and property needs. 

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