Mandated Reporters

State law requires people in designated professional occupations to make a report if they believe that a child has been maltreated within the past three years by a parent, guardian, family child care provider, family foster care provider or juvenile correctional facility staff person.

Mandated reporters include people who work with children in health care, social services, education, mental health, child care, law enforcement, the courts, clergy, and corrections settings. 

Mandated reporters should call 911 If a child is in immediate danger. Do not delay.

To Make a ReportCall 320-864-3144 within 24 hours and personally file a written report within 72 hours of the verbal report (excluding weekends and holidays).

Consequences of InactionFailure by a mandated reporter to report suspected abuse or neglect is a misdemeanor-level crime. If failure to report results in substantial bodily harm, it is a gross misdemeanor. If the child dies, it is a felony.

LiabilityAs a mandated reporter, your name is confidential, accessible only if you consent, by a court order or by a court procedure. If the child protection report results in a court hearing, you may be asked to testify.

Learn the outcomeA mandated reporter can find out if the report has been accepted for investigation. Unless this information would be detrimental to the best interests of the child, you also will receive a summary about McLeod County’s disposition of the report. This summary includes what was determined, the nature of the maltreatment, and the services provided.

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Minnesota statute 260E.06

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